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Trade Republic

Company Vision

Trade Republic - the europe’s largest savings platform that enables people to easily save and invest. Founded in 2015 , today we reach over 340 million people in 17 European countries. Based on fundamental technological innovation, our product was built to democratize access to capital markets for all Europeans.

Challenge & Solution 

Challenge: My journey start with TradeRepublic is to consumer banking from 0-1, to deliver the most smoothly, effortless and secure payment experience for 340 million users.

Solution: In today's digital banking landscape, where convenience is paramount, how can we create a banking experience that is both familiar and seamlessly integrated into your daily life, while also being better, faster, and simpler?

This has led us to create a new consumer banking platform that aims to prioritize trustworthiness while focusing on the essentials. It establishes a solid and thoughtful foundation, enabling users to send/receive money with just one tap, while leaving room for additional functionalities to be built upon. This transformation will turn Trader Republic Bank into a valuable tool that enhances users' lives every day.

Wanna to ready more?

Please contact me to see the design projects!

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