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Company Vision

Let’s be real: many people are uncertain about their tax declaration and financial futures. High barriers to entry mixed with abstract concepts and opaque language have created a financial system that thrives on fear and confusion — asking people to surrender control of their money with little transparency in return. In turn, individuals found themselves in an uncomfortable position: both skeptical of the financial sector while still seeking a better financial future.

Taxfix is amplifying its efforts by offering financial education especially for female and folkes who are suffering during crisis time.

Challenge & Solution 

Challage: Lead and build a website to make finance more engaging and understandable.

The result:  Pure and simple design — offering an intuitive product experience and refreshing perspective that meets folks wherever they are in their financial journey. We hope that this, in turn, will enable a virtuous cycle and catalyze change in people’s lives and their relationship to money.

Wanna to ready more?

Please contact me to see the design projects!

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