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Song Art Musem branding. web.

Project info

April 2020

Art director: Yihui Liu
Brand design: Yihui Liu
Graphic: Yihui Liu

Few words: Song Art Museum is a private art museum personally planned and founded by world-famous collector Wang Zhongjun. It not only shows Wang Zhongjun's precious collections to the public, but also provides a new platform and possibility for the research and creation of art. Since its opening in 2017, Song Art Museum has held three large-scale Chinese art exhibitions, and will continue to promote the development of Chinese contemporary art through orderly and high-quality series of exhibitions, combined collection, research, education, publishing and public activities National contemporary artist (project) exchange.

New corporate identity aims to bring Song to an innovative and engaging level. Minimalism principle gives Song
a loud voice, confidence and stability.

image 1.png
image 2.png
Group 35.png
Group 36.png
Group 12.png
pitin_d_04_JPG 1.png
Group 37.png
Group 15.png
Frame 1 1.png
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