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Company Vision

Every week, 1.5 million people move into urban areas in search of opportunities and a better life. So, what would a future and ideal city be like? It should be places that feel better for more people, boost our quality of life, ensure more fulfilling ways of living together, and provide more opportunities for a wider range of people. 

And so does ARIVE. With the vision: offering the most comfortable shopping experience, consciously delivering a large choice of products from curated local stores. We seize this unprecedented opportunity to rethink, adapt and design new shopping experiences to form a better consumer habit for more people.

As ARIVE gained momentum, we regularly found ourselves needing to create new systems, tools, and experiences to take advantage of these opportunities. That’s when I came in to lead and accelerate a redesign that could keep up with the ambitions.

Challenge & Solution 

My challenge was this: how do I best help a company rooted in such authenticity—from acquisition to post order experience —scale and expand without losing the unique qualities that made them so beloved in the first place? How could we communicate the idea of forming a better and sustainable shopping habit is so crucial  to a future living?

Wanna to ready more?

Please contact me to see the design projects!

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